Starting a Log File

Before you start to log Sprint QSOs, you should start a new log for the Sprint. The program can handle large ADIF log files, but it is currently designed to use smaller log files with only a few hundred entries. You should get into the habit of starting a new log file for each sprint. You can merge them later with any master log you may be keeping with SKCCLogger.

To start a new log file:

Note from the SKCCLogger Author, AC2C

Over the past few years I have been asked several times for advice on how to organize log files. There are many ways to do this and I offer here advice based on how I handle my logs - do whatever works well for you. As mentioned previously in this User Guide, the SKCCLogger was originally developed to serve as a sprint logger - logging a single SKCC sprint event. In fact, the sprint statistics displayed in the lower right corner of the main log display window ASSUME that the current log represents a single sprint event. If your log spans more that a single sprint event, then those numbers are of little use to you.

There are many logging programs available for you - shop around and settle on whatever you like. Personally, I currently use Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) as my master log program - ALL of my radio activity is contained in the HRD log file. However, I use the SKCCLogger throughout the month to log my SKCC activities. Here is what I do - take it for whatever it's worth to you:

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