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Interim (Test), Current, and Past Versions of the SKCCLogger Program are available below

Interim Release - v03.00.09D - 16-Jun-2018
Changes in this Interim Release
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug, introduced in v03.00.09, that caused the length of RagChew QSOs to be computed incorrectly when the QSO spanned a date change .
  • Changes to previous processing methods:
    • DXCC Codes are now treated as integers so that "001" becomes "1".
    • DX SPCs are now displayed 10 per row in the SPC Details Window.
    • The Membership Download Window that displays at startup now opens in "Modal" mode so that the logger's main window cannot open and cover it up.
    • Changed main portion of Award Processing to a thread so that the GUI can keep updated while displaying a progress bar.
    • Changed load ADIF log file processing to a thread showing a progress bar.
    • Main log list box is now invisible while it is being loaded from the database. It loads significantly faster when loading large log files of more than a couple thousand entries.
    • Changed save ADIF log file processing to a thread showing a progress bar.
    • Stopped clearing Log Entry QSY Field for Clear All action.
    • Changed function of Add Log Entry Callsign "Check" Button. If the entered callsign cannot be found "as-entered", then the database looks for partial matches and displays similar callsigns in a list box. See User Guide "Logging a QSO" section.
  • New Capabilities & Features:
    • Added basic GridSquare tracking capability. Clicking on the underlined "GridSquare" field label in the Log Entry window opens a window that displays an alphabetical listing of unique 4-character GridSquares in the Log File.
  • Changes to how the program works - not "seen" or necessarily noticed by the user:
    • Added code to handle an UnsupportedFormatException raised when a file name is not Absolute.
    • Modified sprint bonus display formatting to display a negative sprint bonus (just in case !!!).
    • Added INI Filename to INI File header.

Current Release - v03.00.09 - 1 March 2018

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