Ham Radio Station AC2C

SKCCLogger Downloads

Current, Interim (Test), and Past Versions of the SKCCLogger Program are available below

Current Release - v03.00.08 - 4 July 2017

Interim Release - v03.00.08A

Interim Release - v03.00.08B - 21 December 2017
Changes in this Interim Release
  • Bug Fixes:
    • None.
  • Changes to previous processing methods:
    • The award Processor window now automatically executes a "Refresh My Info" operation when the Callsign field loses focus. Too many users were failing to update their information after awards had been received.
    • Program options now allows selection of ANY installed font.
  • New Capabilities & Features:
    • Changed CI-V Baud Rate options for Icom IC-7300.
    • Added Alt-W (Wipe Entry) shortcut to LogEdit window.
    • Added option for FT8 Logging Mode.
    • Added Radio Selection for Kenwood TS-870.
  • Changes to how the program works - not "seen" or necessarily noticed by the user:
    • The QRZ.com and DXCC lookups from the LogEntry and LogEdit pages now launch the default browser.
    • Several changes to the processing procedure used to attain access to various program files. I discovered that I was using a fairly outdated method that may soon be deprecated so I want to get ahead of it.

Past Releases